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  • Quickly Draw shapes

    • Arrow - Hold [Both mouse buttons] to quickly draw an arrow on the map.

    • Box - Hold [Shift] + [Both mouse buttons] to draw a box on the map.

    • Circle - Hold [CTRL] +[Both mouse buttons] to draw a circle on the map.

    • Cone - Hold [Alt] + [Both mouse buttons] to draw a box on the map.

    • Remove Shape - Click [Both mouse buttons] and release them to remove the shape you just created.

  • Move Navigate around the map - Hold the [Middle mouse button] and move while moving the mouse on the map to navigate a map or image.

  • Move a token through a line of sight (LOS) wall - hold the Shift key while dragging the token.

  • Show the map your token is currently on - Double click on your character’s portrait on the character sheet or the portrait in the combat tracker.

  • Place all players on the map - Drag the green icon on the combat tracker to the map to place all friendly tokens from the combat tracker to the map. Dragging the yellow icon to the map will drag all Neutral tokens and the red icon will bring all enemy tokens to the map.

    • The location of the Green, Yellow, and Red icons on the combat tracker will vary based on the ruleset.