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  1. Visit

  2. Choose the Home > List of all Programs from the menu on the left

  3. Type Ctrl+F to open the search/Find window and type in Fantasy Grounds. You will see it listed as requiring TCP 1802. Click the link

  4. Choose the Make of your router. Most major brands should be listed

  5. Choose the Model # of your router. If you don't see it in the list, look for one close to it. They often closely resemble the same interface

  6. Follow from Step 2 and beyond. Step 1 allows you to permanently reserve the same Internal IP address every time your computer or laptop boots up and connects to your router. It is a good idea but is not a required step.

  7. When you reach the port forward setting, select 1802 TCP for all ports listed (public/private and start/end of the range). It's always just a single port that is required.

  8. Click Run Test on the Fantasy Grounds screen. It should report a green Successful message. If not, you need to refer to troubleshooting steps below or contact for contact Support via the Fantasy Grounds Customer Support portal for help.


You can contact us at and via the Fantasy Grounds Customer Support portal and ask for further assistance. We will want to know the Internal IP address and the make and model # of your router along with any additional firewall or anti-virus software you may be running locally.