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Chat: Set GM voice to active CT

Off (default) or On

When turned on, the name of any NPC which becomes active in the combat tracker will be added to the GM speaking identity list below the chat window.

Chat: Show all whispers to GM

Off (default) or On

When turned on, any whispers sent between players can be viewed by the GM.

Chat: Show GM rolls

Off (default) or On

When turned off, any rolls made by the GM are marked secret, and not shared with the players. When turned on, any rolls made by the GM are shared with all players.

Chat: Show results to client

On (default), Off or Friendly

Determines whether the results of attack, damage and heal rolls are shown to players. If set to On, all results are shown to players. If set to Friendly, only results for rolls which have a PC source and either no target or a PC target will be shown. If set to Off no results are shown to players.

Desktop: Decal Image

Various - sets background decal

The available options here will depend on what Wizards of the Coast material that you possess and what options you selected at the loading screen of the module or campaign.

Party: Show characters to clients

Off (default) or On

Determines whether the Main and Skills tabs are available to players in the party sheet.

Party: Show inventory to clients

On (default) or Off

Determines whether the Party Coins and Party Items lists are visible to players on the Party Sheet inventory tab.

Table: Dice Tower

Off (default) or On

When turned on, a dice tower will appear on each player's desktop, and on the GM desktop (if GM rolls option set to On). Players can drag dice rolls into the tower and only the DM will see the result. See Dice Tower for more info.

Combat (GM)