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The easiest way to create a data module for Fantasy Grounds is to export data records using the export interface available in most rulesets (but not all). To learn more about how to access and use the export interface, go to /wiki/spaces/FGU/pages/950555 Using the Library and Activating Modules.

Advanced Editing

If you want more fine-grained control of how modules are built, you will need to edit the underlying XML module data directly. You can use a module export as a starting point for advanced editing.

At the moment, reference manuals and reference text entries are the only record types that require direct XML editing. If you are interested in directly editing your XML or making a tool to build XML for you, then please review the /wiki/spaces/FGU/pages/917751Managing Campaign Data topic.


For consistency in the ruleset Library interface, the module category should be one of the following: