"How Do I ??? In Fantasy Grounds Unity" by Zacchaeus

A series of videos, each one covering a topic which is a frequently-asked question on the Fantasy Grounds Forums or on the Discord server.
Videos are hosted by Philip “Zacchaeus” Greig.

Earlier episodes may contain features that have changed either visually or in function since the episode was created. This is due to Fantasy Grounds Unity being in active development during filming.

For example: the Sidebar may now look different. More information about that here:

Video One: How do I get images into my campaign in Unity


Video Two: How does the Line of Sight feature work in Unity

Video Three: How do I set up my Fighter's Fighting Style in Unity (and in Classic)

Video Four: How do I see monsters when Line of Sight (LoS) is enabled in Unity

Video Five: How do I get started with Lost Mine of Phandelver in Unity

Video Six: How to restrict environmental effects to one area of a map

Video Seven: How do I set up effects for Hexblade's Curse

Video Eight: How do I create and use Power Groups

Video Nine: How do I Set up effects for racial traits

Video Ten: How do I add Line of Sight - Part One

Video Eleven: How do I add Line of Sight - Part Two

Video Twelve: How do I add Line of Sight - Part Three

Video Thirteen: New occluders for Unity

Video Fourteen: Adding spell tokens to a map

Video Fifteen: The new Import Tables feature

Video Sixteen: Using the extractor tool for LOS data [Obsolete Video Removed]

This feature was changed in v4.1 of Fantasy Grounds Unity, therefore the corresponding video has been deleted by the author.

Video Seventeen: Beta Lighting

Video Eighteen: Unity Lighting - Ambient Lights

Video Nineteen: Unity Lighting - Adding Lights

Video Twenty: Unity Lighting - Token Lights

Video Twenty One: Unity Lighting - Token Vision

Video Twenty Two: Story Templates Revisited

Video Twenty Three: New Occluder Tools

Video Twenty Four: The Wild Beyond the Witchlight

Video Twenty Five: Using the Templates In Tasha's

Video Twenty Six: Reference Manual Builder

Video Twenty Seven: Decals

Video Twenty Eight: The Rebuilt Character Wizard

Video Twenty Nine: Occluders Revisited One

Video Thirty: Occluders Revisited Two

Video Thirty One: Occluders Revisited Three

Video Thirty Two: New Copy/Paste Functionality

Video Thirty Three: Upcoming Ruleset Features

Video Thirty Four: Importing and exporting characters (including importing from DnD Beyond)

Video Thirty Five: Creating a new class in Unity

Video Thirty Six: Creating a new Class (including how to import a class)

Video Thirty Seven: Using the NPC importer

Video Thirty Eight: Spelljammer and Vehicles

Video Thirty Nine: Campaign Management - Basics

Video Forty: Campaign Management - Editing

Video Forty One: Campaign Management - Exporting

Video Forty Two: Managing Campaigns - Technical

Video Forty Three: Allocating Dice Types to Damage Types

Video Forty Four: New Dice Control Panel

Video Forty Five: All About Grids

Video Forty Six: Unity Importing Text

Video Forty Seven: Unity Notes

Video Forty Eight: Unity Death Markers

Video Forty Nine: Unity Death Markers Extra

If you have suggestions for further videos, post a comment on the “How do I ????? in Unity” forum thread here:
Link: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forums/showthread.php?55797-How-do-I-in-Unity&p=492112