Vaesen - Modifiers & Effects


The Player Section module contains library of modifiers that can be used in addition to the standard modifier box and quick modifier buttons on the desktop. Modifiers can be dragged to the shortcut bar for easy access by players and game mothers.

Modifiers Library


The ruleset contains effects library that implements the cover mechanic and all critical hits that impact skill rolls. Effects must be applied to a PC or NPC in the Combat Tracker (CT) first. The duration of each effect is set to infinite, but this can be changed. Effects are applied to skill rolls only.

Effects Library


The ruleset supports custom effects via string parsing. In order to create on, the following rules must be followed:

  • Modifiers must be enclosed in square brackets […]

  • The skill names must match, case is not considered

  • Multiple skill modifiers must be separated by a comma within the […]

Effect Notation

All effects are reported in chat log when applied in combat tracker and in the roll results:

Chat Output