FG Forge - Become A Crafter

The Forge is still under active development. Items shown in the following documentation may be recently outdated or differ slightly from current feature sets.

Documentation for The Forge is currently in development. Thank you for your patience.

Become A Crafter Form

In order to upload items to the Forge, either for free download or for sale, you will need to fill out the Crafter Personal Information form.

Crafter Personal Information form
Crafter Personal Information form

Form Q & A

Q: What is the “I intend to sell items I release on the Forge” checkbox and do I need to check it before submitting my form?
A: If you do not intend to sell items in the Forge for gold (money), then you do not need to check the checkbox.

If you intend to charge gold (money) for the items you upload, then you will need to check the checkbox to allow this to happen. The form will then show two additional fields (shown below).

Q: Which fields are necessary?
A: The Full Name, Address 1, City, State, Zipcode/Postal Code and Phone fields are required. If not filled out, you will receive the following error and will not be able to submit the form. Additionally, if you checked the checkbox, both the Paypal Email and Tax ID (SSN/EIN) fields are required before submitting the form.

Crafter Agreement

Once you’ve filled out the form and clicked the “Submit Crafter Application” button on the Crafter Personal Information form, you will be presented with the Crafter Agreement. Once you’ve read through the entire agreement, place a checkmark in the “I accept the terms of the license agreement box” and click the “Submit Crafter Application” button at the bottom of the form.

Pending Approval

Once the form has been submitted, you will be notified that your application will be reviewed shortly.

You will also notice that the “Become A Crafter” button has been replaced with the “Manage Craft (pending approval)” button.