Portrait Pack Builder

The Forge is still under active development. Items shown in the following documentation may be recently outdated or differ slightly from current feature sets.

Documentation for The Forge is currently in development. Thank you for your patience.

Portrait Pack Builder is one of the Pack Builders added to FG Forge. Pack Builders make it quick and easy to create and maintain token, portrait or map packs for free or to sell.

Step 1: Create the Item

To create a Token Pack, you’ll first click on Manage Craft in the menu bar on the main FG Forge site.

If you are not yet a Crafter, you’ll see Become A Crafter where Manage Craft is shown above. You will need to become a Crafter before creating Packs or Items in FG Forge. Click HERE to learn about becoming a Crafter and sign up.

Once in Manage Craft, click the +Add Item button in the upper-right corner.

You will be taken to the Add Item screen. Here, you will fill in the forum with all pertinent information about your new Token Pack.

You must choose Portrait Pack from the Type dropdown menu. You may have to scroll a bit to find the Token Pack option.

Proceed to fill out the form with pertinent information about your Portrait Pack. Once complete, click the Save Item button.

You will not add the portrait graphics files using the Add Item form. We will cover adding the portrait graphics files below.

Step 2: Add Portraits using the Portrait Pack Builder

Once you have created your portraits pack, you will see it listed in your Items list and it will show as not active.
In this example, we have created an items called Spiffy Portrait Pack 1 as shown below:

Click on the item title to be taken to the Manage screen. Once there, click on Upload Build, then Portrait Pack Builder.

From this screen, you can either click inside the box to bring up the Open File window, or you can simply drag and drop image files into the box. Once the boxes are populated, they will look similar to this:

Once you have all the portraits in the box, click the Submit Portraits button on the bottom-right.

You should see a notification in the upper-right corner of the browser window letting you know that the items have been uploaded and saved.

Note that once your portrait pack build has been submitted, it will undergo a review process. You will be notified when it has been accepted or, if declined, why it was declined so that modifications can be made and resubmitted.

If you prefer to upload a ZIP file of all Portraits in your pack, please see the link below:
Link: https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/FGCP/pages/996644390