Installing the 5E Tutorial Campaign

Download and Install Campaign

Installation Steps

  1. Download the Tutorial 5E file from the link above

  2. Unzip this file to your Fantasy Grounds campaigns folder

    1. Launch Fantasy Grounds

    2. Click on the folder icon in the upper left

      Campaign folder.webp
    3. Click on the campaigns folder

    4. The file you unzipped should be placed here as a new folder

      The Tutorial 5E Campaign folder in the /campaign folder after being unzipped.

Loading the Campaign

After the folder has been placed in the campaigns folder, close and relaunch Fantasy Grounds. Once back at the main menu:

  1. Click on Load Campaign

  2. Choose Tutorial 5E Campaign

  3. Click the Start button

Note: We recommend not loading any third-party or community extensions or themes for use with the Tutorial campaign until you are comfortable with how Fantasy Grounds looks and functions natively.

Access the Tutorial

The sample tutorial campaign preloads several modules and provides sample data for several campaign record types. To get started, click on the Library → Books menu on the sidebar on the right, and then click on the Campaign button.

You will see a Book - Campaign window where you can expand the sections and follow along with the tutorial. You can even unlock and edit these if you want to add your own notes or reminders as you go.