Applying Modifiers to your Dice Rolls

Modifier Stack

The modifier stack displayed on the tabletop allows a user to specify one or more modifiers to be applied to the next die roll made.


  • Add Modifier Manually: Click on the modifier number, and type in the modifier you want to use; or scroll the mouse wheel while hovering over the modifier stack. The manual modifier will be shown as a number in parentheses below the modifier number.

  • Add Named Modifier: Drag a modifier record from the campaign modifiers window (or double click); or type /mod <#> [description]. The modifier names will be appended to the text of the next die roll.

  • Add Unnamed Modifier: Drag and drop any number onto the modifier box, or activate a hot key with a number.

  • Clear Single Modifier: Click on the dot created at the bottom of the modifier box when the modifier was added. Hover over dots to see the description of the modifier (if any).

  • Clear Modifier Stack: Middle click on the modifier stack box.

The result of Rolling a d20 with three modifiers set. (an unspecified +2, a +4 for flanking and a -2 for being short)