Tracking Conditions and Effects

You Access the Effects window by clicking on the Effects icon on the upper right corner of your Tabletop.

Conditions and Effects can be dragged to a PC or NPC in the Combat Tracker. This allows you to keep track of an ongoing condition or effect which affects that creature.


Many rulesets will have a preset list of Conditions on the left. You can add custom effects and conditions on the right.

Each Custom Effect specifies the following information:

User Interface Element


User Interface Element



Drag Icon. Drag this to the character or NPC’s entry in the Combat Tracker.

Roll Type

Click to cycle through the options: All, One Action, One Roll, Apply Once Each


How it will show up in Chat and in the Combat Tracker


This sets the number of rounds, minutes, hours or days that the effect/condition remains, based on the Duration Type that was set


Set RND for round, MIN for minutes, HR for hours or DAY for Days


Does this effect or condition show up on the Players' Effects window for selection and use?

Ruleset Effect Details

Rulesets may have additional fields in the effect entry to specify additional aspects of effects, such as duration.

Also, some rulesets will automatically apply modifiers to rolls, based on the effects applied to the actor making the roll or the actor targeted by the roll. Please see the Available Rulesets for your specific game system.