Mutants and Masterminds - NPC Sheet

Non-player characters (NPCs) are available only to the Dungeon Master. Open the list of NPCs in a module or campaign by clicking on the NPCs icon in the right hand menu. From here DMs can create new NPCs, edit existing ones and create encounters.

NPC Sheet Overview

  • The NPC sheet tries to duplicate the stat block of an NPC seen in the rulebook and supplements for the system.

  • The Main tab shows all the details that would help the DM use this character in combat and roleplaying.

  • The Notes tab will contain general information, such as the totals of the power point costs to make the NPC.

  • The DM can roll the characteristics, defenses, initiative, skills, and offensive lines. This can be performed by double clicking or dragging the roll to the intended target in the combat tracker.

  • Any highlighted text that you hover over is rollable.

  • ‘Locking’ the sheet will help make sure data is not editable and can assist in the rolling of dice.

  • ‘Unlocking’ the sheet will allow edits and changes to the sheet. If a red lock is shown, a copy would need to be made to make edits available.

  • You can also choose if the NPC is identified or provide a different description using the non-identified field.

  • Dragging a token to the circle will provide this record with a visual representation.

Creating A New NPC

Clicking on the boxes will allow you to edit and add the relevant numbers from the stat block. For lists, you will need to click on the edit button (‘/’) and then click on the green plus (‘+’) to add a new line. Skills and Offense sections will require a certain syntax for them to highlight correctly and give the availability of rolls.

For the Offense section:

Syntax: Attack +X (+Y)/A-B); +X = the To-Hit number +Y = the effect number A = critical range threshold min B = critical range threshold max


Attack +0 (+15/20-20);
Attack +0 Ranged (+15/20-20);
Attack +0 (+15/20-20 vs fortitude);
Attack +0 (+15/20-20 vs will);
Attack +0 Ranged (+15/20-20 vs fortitude);
Attack +0 Ranged (+15/20-20 vs will);

  • Attack +x. X is the To-Hit number.

  • The effect number is the +15. Add the effect number to 15. This must balance out the to hit number.

  • 20-20 is the crit range. If you have a crit range lower than 20, change the first number in the syntax (ie. 18-20 etc).

  • Attacks normally compare to Parry, but the "ranged" suffix will make the attack hit Dodge instead.

  • adding vs fortitude or vs will target Fortitude or Will instead of Parry / Dodge.

use a semi-colon between multiple attacks

For the Skills section:

SkillName (Attribute) +X Attribute = The attribute used for the skill X = bonus added to the roll

Acrobatics (Agi) +0,
Athletics (Str) +0,
Close Combat (Fgt) +0,
Deception (Pre) +0,
Expertise (Int) +0,
Insight (Awe) +0,
Intimidation (Pre) +0,
Investigation (Int) +0,
Perception (Awe) +0,
Persuasion (Pre) +0,
Ranged Combat (Dex) +0,
Sleight of Hand (Dex) +0,
Stealth (Agi) +0,
Technology (Int) +0,
Treatment (Int) +0,
Vehicles (Dex) +0

Use a comma between each skill.

For the Powers section:

This section is not rollable and will accept any text that you place within the box. You can use one entry or break them down into multiple entries.