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Power [Source]

Effect Code


Adamantine Armor

IMMUNE: critical

Armor of Invulnerability

RESIST: bludgeoning,piercing,slashing,!magic
Armor of Invulnerability (Power);IMMUNE: bludgeoning,piercing,slashing,!magic

Armor of Resistance (Varies)

RESIST: fire

Armor of Vulnerability (Varies)

RESIST: bludgeoning; VULN: piercing,slashing

Belt of Dwarvenkind

RESIST: poison

Boots of the Winterlands

RESIST: cold

Bracers of Archery

DMG: 2 ranged

Brooch of Shielding

RESIST: force

Cloak of Arachnida

RESIST: poison

Cloak of Displacement


Cloak of Elvenkind

ADVSKILL: stealth

Cloak of Invisibility


Defender (Varies)

AC: 2; ATK: -2; DMG: -2

Dragon Scale Mail (Varies)

RESIST: fire

Dragon Slayer

IFT: TYPE(dragon); DMG: 3d6

Dwarven Thrower

DMG: 1d8 ranged; IFT: TYPE(giant); DMG: 1d8 ranged

Efreeti Chain

IMMUNE: fire

Eyes of Minute Seeing


Eyes of the Eagle


Flame Tongue

DMG: 2d6 fire

Frost Brand

DMG: 1d6 cold; RESIST: fire

Giant Slayer

IFT: TYPE(giant); DMG: 2d6

Gloves of Swimming and Climbing

SKILL: 5 athletics

Gloves of Thievery

SKILL: 5 sleight of hand

Holy Avenger

IFT: type(fiend, undead); DMG: 2d10 radiant;

Mace of Disruption

IFT: type(fiend, undead); DMG: 2d10 radiant;

Mace of Smiting

DMG: 2d6 bludgeoning,critical; IFT: type(construct); DMG: 2d6 bludgeoning,critical

Technically only apply if you rolled a 20


IFT: custom(Sworn Enemy); DMG: 3d6 piercing

First effect while wielding Oathbow, Second effect while not wielding Oathbow and sworn enemy chosen

Oil of Sharpness

DMGTYPE: magic; ATK: 3; DMG: 3

Periapt of Proof Against Poison

IMMUNE: poisoned; IMMUNE: poison

Ring of Elemental Command (Varies)

IMMUNE: fire

Ring of Invisibility


Ring of Resistance (Varies)

RESIST: fire

Ring of Warmth

RESIST: cold

Sentinel Shield


Sun Blade

IFT: TYPE(undead); DMG: 1d8 radiant

Sword of Sharpness

DMG: 4d6 slashing, critical

Technically only apply if you rolled a 20

Sword of Wounding

DMGO: 1d4 necrotic

Vicious Weapon

DMG: 2d6 critical

Technically only apply if you rolled a 20