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FG Forge - Developer Guide

Publishing on DMsGuild?

We have an agreement in place with to allow people to distribute Fantasy Grounds modules through their site. We receive a flat percentage of these sales. Please note that has separate licensing restrictions that you must also agree to. The biggest is that content distributed through can only ever be distributed there and that you are granting several rights to your work products to by agreeing to distribution through that channel.

Visit the DMsGuild FAQ about Fantasy Grounds to read more.

Direct License Agreement

SmiteWorks reserves this option for bigger licenses, such as for new game systems, where the Intellectual Property owner already has an established fan-base and following. Products produced under a direct license are sold on the main Fantasy Grounds storefront instead of through the FG Forge storefront, and also on our Steam page as DLC.

The license agreement can be customized to accommodate specific requirements. In addition, content that is produced for our storefront will undergo a more thorough review by our production staff. This additional processing adds more time to the delivery and oversight of every step of the process. Once produced, updates to the product are required to go through the same process and are therefore not as immediate as the FG Forge would allow.

Does your Kickstarter require a new ruleset or new game mechanics that don't already exist in Fantasy Grounds?