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  • Each product should be accompanied by 5 or more screenshots at 1280x720 70% compressed JPG, and the largest cover image you can get (minimum 1080px wide) at 70% compressed JPG or layered PSD with the title and background image on their own layers with nothing else. You should also provide Steam images (see Steam image section). These should no longer be uploaded to SVN. You should upload them to your shared Dropbox folder when you turn the product in. Only turn in these images in to the shared Dropbox folder. No other files should be turned in to this location if you have access to SVN.

  • Products should be created with both a Reference Manual and Story records for best access.

  • Anytime a story entry or reference manual page mentions an encounter, area, NPC, or other Fantasy Grounds record, there should be a link to that record.

  • Anytime an NPC talks it should be added as boxed text with the speaker added.

  • Anytime the GM is meant to narrate it should be boxed text.

  • Every product should have a page in the reference manual and/or a story entry called “Developer Notes”. In this entry a version number and version history for the module should be included as well as any changes that were necessary from the PDF versions (such as replacing page number references with links to the content).

  • All products should be exported from Fantasy Grounds Unity.

    • Help Link -

    • Rule books should be divided between Player material and GM material modules; with the Player material exported with the “player” setting, and the GM without that setting.

    • Adventures should not be exported with the “player” setting.

    • Modules should be as optimized as possible and be below 100mb in size total. Exceptions can be made for adaptations from extremely large products on a case by case basis.

    • When exporting the product name should be the product id with “Player” or “GM” added. The module filename should be the same (product id with “Player” or “GM” added). The display name should match the product name on the cover with “Player” or “GM” added.

  • Finished conversions should be run through the Conversion Checker or, for Savage Worlds products, SWEL (Savage Worlds Enhanced Library) tool. The SWEL can be found on the forums.

  • Most emails should CC Doug, except for routine product requests and turning in finished products.