Upgrading to Fantasy Grounds Unity?

Should I buy Fantasy Grounds Unity or Fantasy Grounds (Classic)?

Beginning on June 24, 2021, Fantasy Grounds Classic will no longer receive any product updates or DLC releases. Please consider upgrading to Fantasy Grounds Unity.

Unless you need Fantasy Grounds Classic (FGC) to connect with an existing group of Fantasy Grounds Classic users, we highly recommend that all customers purchase Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU). FGU provides the same level of features of FGC, along with numerous enhancements for images, map making, easier game hosting, better operating support for 64-bit systems, and numerous other updates (see topic below).

Only FGU will be receiving new engine updates at this time. FGC will be placed in maintenance support mode only.

If we add new functionality, fixes, or features to any rulesets you use beyond June 24, 2021, then you will not receive those updates in FGC. Your update button simply won't light up anymore.

If we add new adventure modules or other DLC, those won't be available on FGC either. They will only be added to Fantasy Grounds Unity.

What are some of the Fantasy Grounds Unity improvements over Fantasy Grounds (Classic)?

Fantasy Grounds Unity includes, but is not limited to, the following new features and enhancements:

  • 64-bit support

  • Native support for Windows, Mac, and Linux - no emulators needed like Classic

  • Improved networking - no port forwarding and an easy-to-use Lobby

  • Multi-layer maps and images

  • Special Animated FX Layers for images and maps

  • Dynamic Line of Sight with support for walls, windows, doors, pits, and invisible walls

  • Dynamic Fog of War

  • Dynamic Light with custom presets, torches, lanterns, and candles

  • Dynamic Vision support with auto-sensing Darkvision, TrueSight, DevilSight

  • Expanded Dice Macro support

  • Map-building with Tiles

  • Map-building with image brushes and paint stamping

  • Enhanced Asset Management - use assets (images, tokens, portraits) from all purchases

  • Enhanced movement paths for tokens

  • Enhanced pointers (line, cone, circle, square)

  • Desktop Decal from Assets - use any image as your background decal

  • Support for new asset packs (tile packs, decal packs, pre-lit maps, predefined line of sight)

More features are being added all the time. When they are, we will update the list above.
You can even suggest new features and vote on current suggestions here: Fantasy Grounds Idea Informer

What happens to my Fantasy Grounds (Classic) installation?

Your Fantasy Grounds (Classic) installation and campaigns will remain operational and unaffected by Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU). The applications, their data folders, and the license keys are completely different. Any DLC or add-ons that you have purchased through Steam or through the Fantasy Grounds store, however, will also be installed for FGU.

How do I move my current campaign to Fantasy Grounds Unity?


How much of a discount will I get?

If you already own a 1-time license of FGC, you will get a discount added to your Shopping Cart when you Add it to your Cart. This is in addition to any other ongoing sales.

  • FGC Standard licensees get 50% off FGU Standard licenses

  • FGC Ultimate licensees get 50% off FGU Ultimate licenses

  • FGC Standard or Ultimate monthly subscriptions are not eligible for a discount. You can cancel that subscription and subscribe to the similar Fantasy Grounds Unity monthly subscription.

This discount will be in addition to any ongoing sales.

For Fantasy Grounds Store Customers

You should purchase Fantasy Grounds Unity from us directly if you purchased your license directly from SmiteWorks at the Fantasy Grounds store (https://www.fantasygrounds.com).

Verify that you show a Fantasy Grounds license when you visit the Store > Order History page. If you see your license there, then you can upgrade and receive a discount in your Shopping Cart.

Direct Link:
Add Fantasy Grounds Unity to your Shopping Cart

For Steam Customers

Standard Upgrade

For Standard licenses, verify that Fantasy Grounds shows up in your Library for your Steam account. If so, simply add the equivalent Fantasy Grounds Unity license to your cart on Steam to get the Standard version of FGU. The purchase option is listed as a bundle which includes Fantasy Grounds and Fantasy Grounds Unity, however, you will only be charged for the items in the bundle that you don’t already own. You will receive a discount on everything in the bundle you don’t already own.

Upgrade from Fantasy Grounds to Fantasy Grounds Unity (Standard License)

Ultimate Upgrade

For Ultimate licenses, your Steam Library should show that you own Fantasy Grounds (Standard) and the Ultimate Upgrade (DLC). These items will be included alongside Fantasy Grounds Unity (Standard) and Fantasy Grounds Unity Ultimate Upgrade (DLC) into a single bundle. When you add the bundle to your Shopping Cart, Steam will only ask you to buy the items you don’t already own. You will receive the discount on all remaining items in the bundle.

Steam Bundle for FGC to FGU Ultimate

If you purchased the Ultimate license from SmiteWorks directly and then activated your key on Steam, then Steam will only record you as having a Standard license. You should refer to the upgrade instructions For Fantasy Grounds Store Customers instead. Once you upgrade through SmiteWorks, you will eventually be able to Activate a Game License once again to have Fantasy Grounds Unity displayed in your Steam Library.

Upgrade from FGC Standard to FGU Ultimate

You can use the same bundle as the preceding section (Ultimate Upgrade). You will be required to buy the FGC Ultimate Upgrade along with FGU Standard and FGU Ultimate, but you will receive a discount on all three items. This doesn’t normally save you any money unless you upgrade during a sale event. On the plus side, you will have Ultimate licenses for both FGC and FGU that you can use independently of one another.