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The Forge is still under active development. Items shown in the following documentation may be recently outdated or differ slightly from current feature sets.

Documentation for The Forge is currently in development. Thank you for your patience.

Once logged in, the main page of Fantasy Grounds Forge will display navigation options at the top as well as various sorting options, search, and a list of items. Below we’ll cover the main navigation of The Forge.

The main Forge navigation consists of Shop, Treasury, Inventory and Became a Crafter or Manage Craft, depending on whether a user has signed up to become a Crafter.


Shop displays different types of user content items available for free or purchase.


Treasury is where you will purchase “gold” to spend in the Forge. The coins icon next to the Treasury link in the navigation bar will show how much gold you have no matter what page you are on.


The Inventory page has three main sections in their own tabs:


Inventory shows items you have already purchased or chosen for free download.


Hidden shows items that have been hidden. It shows the Transaction #, Item name, Author, Date and has an action button to Enable & Unhide the item.

Purchase History

Purchase History shows completed transactions for gold purchases and items purchased in the Forge.

Become A Crafter / Manage Craft

Become A Crafter or Manage Craft appear depending on whether or not you have already signed up to become a Crafter.

Become A Crafter

Become A Crafter shows the form you’ll need to fill out and submit to become a Forge Crafter and begin listing items in the Forge for sale or for free.

Manage Craft

Manage Craft has two main sections in their own tabs:


Items lists all the items you have created for sale or free download in the Forge.


Profile allows you to view and edit your personal information. This can be easily updated in case of a move, new phone number, etc.


Transactions show all the items that have been purchased or freely downloaded by other members of the Forge. This Transactions section is not to be confused with the transactions listed in Personal History.


Payouts will show all addresses that are eligible for payouts as indicated when creating an item.

Crafter Agreement

Crafter Agreement is a reference copy of the Crafter Agreement that was agreed to when you became a Forge Crafter. It contains the License Agreement, Grant of License, Branding, Payment information, etc. You can review this information at any time.