Fallout 2d20 Base Effects

Below is a list of the effects that are applicable within the Fallout 2d20 ruleset.

Location is the humanoid location. Robot location names currently are not factored and will need to be changed into the humanoid location name to work properly.

BREAKING: # <loc>, <dmg>

The breaking effect is added by weapons with this damage effect automatically if an effect is rolled by the conflict dice. This effect will deduct any cover dice the target has and will remove damage reduction if points are left over. The effect will need the number of breaking points, the location, and damage reduction type.


COVER: # <loc>

Cover provides conflict dice that will be rolled if an damage roll is targeting the location of the cover effect. This roll is done automatically and is part of the damage roll process. Cover subtracts the damage rolled by the amount rolled on the cover dice. This is applied first before damage reduction. The effect will need the number of dice to be rolled and the location(s) covered.

Empty location will mean it will cover all locations.


This effect will reduce the damage reduction of the target when a damage roll is performed. This effect will only require the number of damage reduction points you wish to deduct from the target.


DR: # <loc>, <dmg>

Damage reduction can be changed by using this effect. This will increase/decrease the damage reduction this actor has when a damage roll is performed on it. The effect requires a number, a location, and the damage type.



Defense is used as the target number for a successful attack. This effect will increase/decrease this target number for this actor. It only requires the modifier to the base defense.



These effects will assist in building the dice pool for any of the associated actions. DMGDICE will add/subtract dice for any damage action. MELEEDMG will only add/subtract for melee damage only.

PERSISTENT: # <dmg>, <loc>

Persistent damage is tracked with this effect. This will apply damage and that damage is capable of being deducted from damage reduction. This effect requires the final damage number, damage type, and the location.



The regen effect will heal the actor every round by the amount with the effect. 

MAXHP: # (Only for PCs)

The PC only effect will increase the HP total for their character by the amount shown. When this is removed, it will bring the HP total back to its original value.

IMMUNE: <dmg>

Immune will block all damage of this type and return no damage when a damage roll of this type is rolled against it.

Big, Little

These effects will apply their specific rules to the character in question. Please reference the core rulebook for further information on how this affects the actor.



This effect will apply ongoing damage to the actor referenced by the rules. This by passes cover and damage reduction.