Fallout 2d20 NPC Sheet

Header Buttons (Desc, Loot)

Clicking on these will change the page to the relevant fields for these buttons. Clicking on them again will cause them to revert back to the main screen.


This is the area for description information.


The loot area will track the loot that can be scavenged from the dead body of the NPC. If it requires a skill roll, that can be set up by click on the skill test? button. If the NPC will produce currency, you will need to click on the Add Currency button and add items by dropping the item to the frame. In some cases, an item can only be provided if an effect is rolled. Clicking on the Need Effect? button will provide a place of the amount of effects needed to be rolled to provide the amount listed. The final button provided is to add the loot directly to the Party Sheet scavenge tab or the Loot tab (if no skill test is required).


This changes the category that the NPC will be. The reference manual covers what each of these mean and their changes onto the NPC. Changing this field will change the NPC sheet to display the correct fields for each of these categories.


Type changes the XP with the combination of the Level of the NPC automatically. The formula is based on the rules presented in the reference manual. No other automation is provided.


The NPC Attributes change based on the category of NPC that is being created. The buttons function much like the attributes of PCs. Clicking on them will add that attribute to the next skill roll instead of the default attribute for the skill.

NOTE: Creatures by default all use Body as their default attribute for rolls.


All NPC skills need to be created. Any name can be listed here for homebrew reasons, but the skill lists for standard play can be viewed on other NPCs or stat blocks in the reference manual. While unlocked, it will require a double click to perform a roll. While locked, it will work with a single click.


NPC attacks are built by providing it a name and assigning the attribute and skill for the attack. The TN will populate automatically. The damage however will need to be entered for it to function. The properties line to the right of the damage will need the rest of the damage line for it to pull the information for the attack. 

From the examples presented, the type of damage is provided and any Qualities and Effects for the attack. If no damage type is provided, it defaults to physical.

Special Abilities

This section will help track any other abilities the NPC uses during play. While unlocked, it will provide a place to enter a name and a description. When locked, it will collapse to only showing the name of the ability. Clicking on the name will then display the description and clicking it again will collapse the description.