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Game Password
If your GM assigned a password to the campaign, then you will need to enter this when prompted. Please note that this is not the same as the password you use to log onto the forums or our storefront. That password should never be shared.

Cloud Game key:

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Game is online and available.

The version of Fantasy Grounds Unity is not compatible with the host’s version.

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Game is offline. This will only show in History.

The hosted game is password protected.

Video Tutorial



Public Cloud Game

  1. Launch Fantasy Grounds and click on Join Campaign

  2. First, find the GM Name and Campaign Name in the list and click on that (#1) or, if you do not immediately see the name, scroll through the pages via the arrows at the bottom, or type all or part of the GM Name into the Search box (#2). Then click on Start (#3).

  3. Your Fantasy Grounds system will download all necessary files for you to play in the game. You don’t need to own the ruleset, adventure module, or anything further.