Fantasy Grounds Academy Presents: Fantasy Grounds Unity A-Z

Below is a list of Fantasy Grounds Tutorials from the Fantasy Grounds Academy YouTube channel.
Videos are hosted by LadyShel and Laerun of Fantasy Grounds Academy.

Earlier episodes may contain features that have changed either visually or in function since the episode was created. This is due to Fantasy Grounds Unity being in active development during filming.

For example: the Sidebar may now look different. More information about that here:

There were some minor audio issues in early episodes that were rectified in later episodes.

Episode 1: Accounts & Connecting

Episode 2: Joining the Table as a Player

Episode 2a: Basic Character Creation

Episode 2b: Customizing a Character

Episode 3: Character Selection & Setting up your Table

Episode 4: Player Overview and Combat

Episode 5: Transitioning from Player to DM Content

Episode 5a: Fantasy Grounds Unity Token Locking Demo

Episode 6: The GM Side of Things

Episode 8: The Combat Tracker

Episode 8a: Token Movement (in Context)

Episode 9: "The Party Sheet!"

Episode 10: Organizing Data & Setting up your Campaign

Episode 11: Running Your First Combat & Campaign in Unity