Fantasy Grounds Unity Tutorials by Smiteworks

Below is a list of Fantasy Grounds Tutorials from the official Fantasy Grounds YouTube channel.
Videos are hosted by David Middleton (The Digital Dungeon Master).
Click the title below to jump directly to that video.

Earlier episodes may contain features that have changed either visually or in function since the episode was created. This is due to Fantasy Grounds Unity being in active development during filming.

For example: the Sidebar may now look different. More information about that here:

Start Up Screen Overview

How To Create A Campaign

Loading A Campaign

Joining A Campaign

The Settings Panel

How To Use The Message Of The Day (MOTD) Feature

How To Turn On The Dice Tower

How To Turn Your Sidebar Buttons On And Off

How To Turn The Line Of Sight Feature On And Off

How To Add An Image From Your Assets As A Desktop Decal

How To Upload Portraits

How To Upload Tokens

How To Upload Images & Maps

What is Scale UI? --- Shrink Or Enlarge Your Fantasy Grounds Interface

How To Load A Module

How To Access Your Module Data

Don't Forget To Check For Updates

Did You Know You Could Take Screenshots In Fantasy Grounds Unity?

Adding A Portrait To Your Character Sheet

Adding A Token To Your Character Sheet

Please Don't Forget To Back Up Your Campaign Data

How To Restore Your Lost Campaign Data

It's All About Your Dice

How To Change Your Theme

How To Find In Game Help

How To Find Your Documents

The Grid Tools And Adding A Grid To A Tactical Map

All About The Assets Panel And Your Free Fantasy Grounds Content

Everything You Need To Know About The Macro Bar

Did You Know You Do Not Need To Ask Your GM To Share The Map?

How To Find Your Pre Generated Characters

Everything You Need To Know About Extensions

How To Add All Of The Same Token Type To Your Map