License to produce Fantasy Grounds modules

This applies to producing Fantasy Grounds modules on your personal website, storefront, on our forums, or as part of a Kickstarter.
You cannot offer an unlocked Fantasy Grounds module for your Kickstarter without first acquiring a license and discussing it with SmiteWorks.

Do you have a LICENSE AGREEMENT as a publisher with SmiteWorks?

All Fantasy Grounds compatible products require a license agreement, or must be done through pre-approved channels. The only pre-approved channels available are the FG Forge, and the DMsGuild. Each of these methods govern how the products will be sold and distributed and how royalties and commissions are divided out. Look below for more information but don't proceed at all until this has been addressed.

Self-publishing through the FG Forge (recommended)

This is the recommended approach for most creators. If you own the Intellectual Property that you hope to convert to Fantasy Grounds, you can self-publish this on the FG Forge. The benefits of this approach are as follows:

  • This is the fastest way to get onto our marketplace

  • You can sign up as a Creator on your own.

  • You can create as many products as you want and price them however you like.

  • You can modify and edit the product descriptions, prices, and files directly

  • Royalty rates and payment details are specified in the Crafter Agreement

  • You can update the products whenever you want and they go live after a brief moderation period

  • Updates are automatically delivered to users who purchase or subscribe to your content. They remain up to date.

  • Content is secured in a per-user encrypted format

See this link to discover what sort of options are available and for links to greater details on how to create the various files directly.

Publishing on DMsGuild

We have an agreement in place with to allow people to distribute Fantasy Grounds modules through their site. We receive a flat percentage of these sales. Please note that has separate licensing restrictions that you must also agree to. The biggest is that content distributed through can only ever be distributed there and that you are granting several rights to your work products to by agreeing to distribution through that channel.

Visit the DMsGuild FAQ about Fantasy Grounds to read more.

Direct License Agreement

SmiteWorks reserves this option for bigger licenses, such as for new game systems, where the Intellectual Property owner already has an established fan-base and following. Products produced under a direct license are sold on the main Fantasy Grounds storefront instead of through the FG Forge storefront, and also on our Steam page as DLC.

The license agreement can be customized to accommodate specific requirements. In addition, content that is produced for our storefront will undergo a more thorough review by our production staff. This additional processing adds more time to the delivery and oversight of every step of the process. Once produced, updates to the product are required to go through the same process and are therefore not as immediate as the FG Forge would allow.

Does your Kickstarter require a new ruleset or new game mechanics that don't already exist in Fantasy Grounds?

If so, then you probably should not do this as part of a Kickstarter. Deliver your KS project without FG first and then investigate how you can build a ruleset. A ruleset should be developed and built by you or someone close to you before you ever consider adding it to a Kickstart project as a reward or add-on. These are not trivial to build and take a significant amount of time and effort. In most cases, we (SmiteWorks) are not interested in building a new system. While we would like to help you, we simply don't have the resources to build additional rulesets.

What sort of products are easy to add support to Fantasy Grounds?

Generally, adventure modules, map packs, portrait packs, image packs, and token packs are the easiest to add to Fantasy Grounds. You will need to provide images, maps in both DM and player view and make sure they will work with a grid attached to them per 5' step. Hidden items should be in a separate layer and you should ensure that you have all the necessary rights to redistribute any art that you use in your product. That is true regardless of whether or not FG is a part of your project.

What sort of products require special attention and discussion for use in Fantasy Grounds?

Anything that deals with the mechanics of an existing ruleset requires special attention. For instance, if you have a list of 5E NPCs or spells, these have to be worded in the same exact syntax used by the official D&D products; otherwise, the automation within Fantasy Grounds will not work for them and your product will become a display and reference-only product. If that is the case, you should make sure this is clear in your product and project description. Similarly, character classes, pre-generated characters, new character options, spells, magic items, and equipment all have a very specific format that you will have to match.

Can you help connect us with a developer to do the conversion work for our project?

Possibly. We have a lot of highly skilled developers, artists, and content producers for Fantasy Grounds. One thing to consider is that most of these people are fans first, though, and may not be as dependable as contract developers. If real life gets in the way, these helpers may not be able to complete the project as intended and then you will have to find a replacement to pick up and complete the work. For this reason, we generally recommend contacting us early before you consider doing this work.

What if I already have a developer?

This is great. Your royalty percentage in your Publisher Agreement with us will be higher as a result since we don't have to pay the developer.

What if I already have the Fantasy Grounds conversions complete and ready now?

This is the best-case scenario. Our biggest concern with becoming an official part of your project is managing expectations and delivering a good quality product in a reasonable amount of time. We would still want to review the product to ensure it matches with our quality standards, but if it does, then you will most likely receive a stamp of approval from us and the whole process will be much easier.

Will you help us advertise our project?

If you have followed all the steps above, then we would be happy to help you advertise your project.

General thoughts

Don't bite off more than you can chew. I have seen many Kickstarter projects get wrapped up in having a successful Kickstarter Project, that they get completely overwhelmed with the amount of work and deliveries that they have to provide. If you want to run a PDF and physical book version of your Kickstarter, we can always work with you to make Fantasy Grounds versions after the fact.

Contact Information

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