Module - Token Pack Creation

Creating Token Packs

Token packs have several contents:

  • A folder named "tokens" which includes all tokens

  • A file named definition.xml

  • A file named thumbnail.png which is the thumbnail image that is shown in Fantasy Grounds.

Start by creating a folder called "tokens" and place all of your tokens within it. Please refer to the for recommended file types and resolutions.

Next create a 300px wide optimized PNG of the cover image or a representative image name it "thumbnail.png". This will be used by Fantasy Grounds to represent the token pack in the module and token windows.

Last create a definition.xml file with the contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <root version="{current version of Fantasy Grounds}"> <name>{The name of the token pack}</name> <ruleset>Any</ruleset> <author>{The name of the author}</author> </root>

Replace anything in curly brackets {} with the appropriate information. Save the file.

Zip all of those files (not the folder they are in) and rename the extension ".zip" to ".mod" and you are finished.