How to Submit New Feature Ideas or Suggest Improvements

We are very interested to hear any ideas you might have for new features or improvements for current features. For this purpose, we use a website called Idea Informer. Idea Informer allows you to submit your own ideas, browse others' ideas, upvote ideas you would like to see implemented, and engage in discussion about submitted ideas.

Registration is not necessary before interacting with the site, but you will be asked for a Name and Email Address before posting. This does not have to be your Fantasy Grounds account/forum information or even real information. We value your right to privacy and anonymity when suggesting and discussing features. If you so choose, you can use the “sign up” link in the upper-right of the site.


Submitting A New Idea

  1.  Go to Fantasy Grounds Idea Informer page located here:


  2. Type your idea into the “I would like to…” box and make sure Suggest an idea is selected.
    Idea Informer will try to locate similar ideas to help reduce duplicate ideas being submitted.

    Once you are ready to create your idea topic, click the Share your idea button at the bottom.


  3. On the next screen, your suggestion title will already be filled in. Proceed to explain your idea in as much detail as you see fit, but the more information you can share to help explain your idea, the better.


  4. Once you’re ready to submit your idea, scroll down to the identification area.
    - If you have an account, you can click Sign In here
    - If you do not have an account but would like to create one, click Sign Up
    - If you do not wish to do either, you can simply fill in your Name and Email Address then prove the reCAPTCHA to show that you’re not a robot.
    Optional: Leave a checkmark in the “Receive notifications by e-mail” box for email notifications about comments on your idea. If you do not wish to be notified, remove the checkmark.

    To submit your idea, click the Add button in the bottom-right corner.


  5. You will then see your new idea available to be voted on by others.


Add a Vote / Remove a Vote On An Idea

  1. To vote, simply find the idea you’d like to vote on and click the Vote button located below the current vote tally.

  2. Once you’ve voted, the number will increase by one and the Vote button will be replaced by the word “cancel”. To cancel your previous vote, simply click the word “cancel”.