Menu Buttons Don't Work / Windows Explorer Opens Automatically


  • When attempting to click on buttons on the main Fantasy Grounds Unity screen, Windows Explorer opens. When exited, Windows Explorer may automatically open another window and this cycle continues.

  • Other buttons may activate on their own or appear to click instead of intended buttons.

  • When attempting to click on Settings or buttons in Settings, it keeps kicking you back to the FGU main menu.

  • Some clicks cause multiple browser windows to open in rapid succession.


This is usually caused by a third-party controller (often a game controller such as for XBox or Switch) attached to the computer that Fantasy Grounds Unity is running on. When Fantasy Grounds Unity is launched, the attached controller will compete with the mouse for control over how the menu is navigated, sometimes drifting the mouse to a specific location (such as over the file folder button) and continually activating a key as if it were the left or right mouse button.

The controller is most commonly connected via USB and/or Bluetooth controller (sometimes a plug-in dongle), and the controller is paired to it.


Disconnect the USB/Bluetooth controller and turn off all connected controllers, then close and reopen Fantasy Grounds Unity. This should allow your mouse to control Fantasy Grounds Unity without interference.