Reverting a Module or Individual Item


A module, entry, map, image or other item has been manually changed or become corrupted and needs to be restored to its original state.

NOTE: Reverting a module cannot be undone. All edits on the entire module, or individual items, depending on which solution you use below, will be lost. Proceed with caution and make sure you have the right item when reverting.

Solution 1 - Revert Entire Module and All Changes

  1. Make sure the module is loaded in the Data Module Activation window.
    You can load it by going to LibraryModules → click Load on the module you want to revert. For this example, we are using the Rise of the Drow - Collectors Edition adventure module.

  2. In the Data Module Activation window, right-click on the module you’d like to revert and select Revert Changes from the radial pop-up menu.

  3. The module will be instantly reverted to it’s original state. You can check this by right-clicking again and noting that the Revert Changes option is no longer available.

Solution 2 - Revert Individual Changes Leaving Other Changes Intact

NOTE: The process shown below for Solution 2 is the same for Story entries, Images, Encounters, Items, NPCs, Parcels, Quests, Tables, and much more. Almost any entry that has been edited and/or altered from its original state (shown in the image below) can be reverted to it’s original state.

Continuing with our Rise of the Drow - Collectors Edition adventure module as an example, three Story items in the module have been edited. This is denoted by the icon of a book with a pen. Other unchanged entries have plain book icons.

  1. To revert a single entry (in this case, the middle entry), right-click on that entry and select Revert Changes from the radial pop-up menu.

  2. The entry will be reverted instantly. You can visually verify this by the fact that the edit icon on the right has changed to a book icon.