License Keys F.A.Q.

The License Key F.A.Q. will cover both one-time licenses and subscriptions.

What is different between a subscription and a non-subscription (one-time) license?

Subscriptions give you the same functionality and all the same content as the one-time purchase licenses, but allow you to pay a low monthly fee instead of buying it outright. The monthly fee doesn't ever accumulate towards paying a one-time fee or allow upgrades at a cheaper rate, so please consider this before continuing a subscription for any extended length of time. The monthly fee will be charged each month on your anniversary date and your license will remain active during this time, unless it is canceled through Paypal.

As soon as you cancel your subscription through Paypal (see that section), our server will be notified of the cancellation and will deactivate your account. You will lose all Ultimate license functionality and the ability to re-install or update using that key. You will still keep all your campaigns and other creations. If you choose to later acquire a one-time license or to renew your subscription, all of your creations will still be available. The only thing which will be different will be your license key.

Is a Fantasy Grounds Classic license (FGC) usable for Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU) and vice versa?

No. Fantasy Grounds Classic and Fantasy Grounds Unity licenses are not cross-compatible. You need either an FGC subscription (no longer sold) or an FGU subscription respectively.

If I cancel a subscription and get a one-time license, will I lose anything I previously purchased?

No. All purchased are tied to your Fantasy Grounds account (your username) and will remain in tact on your account no matter what kind of license you have or change from/to.

Do I also need to cancel my subscription if I buy a one-time license?

Yes, if you want it cancelled. This is optional. Some people own a one-time license and keep a subscription active for various use cases. It’s an option, but most people will cancel the subscription and replace it with a one-time license.

If you don't manually cancel the subscription after purchasing a one-time license, you will continue to be billed as part of the Recurring Payment or Guest Checkout Subscription you have set up with PayPal.

Once you have your one-time license key, go into the Fantasy Grounds Unity settings and paste the new license key into the License Key field on the Basic tab. After replacing the license key and running a Check for Updates, you will be able to resume use of the software with all your existing purchases and campaigns intact. If you have any problems, contact us via Customer Support and we would be happy to help.

How do I cancel my subscription?

  1. Log into

  2. Navigate to Store > Order History

  3. Locate the subscription based on the Profile-ID and click Cancel

Note: Subscription cancellations immediately terminate the associated license key.

I want to cancel my subscription, but I don’t see it on my FG account. Why?

If you cannot find a subscription on your FG account in Order History, it may not have been linked to your account upon purchase. Usually, this can happen when the email address associated with your PayPal account is different than the email address used to create your Fantasy Grounds account (Profile ID).

If this is the case, you can manually link subscriptions to your account by following Step 2 above, entering your Profile ID and the email address used to purchase the subscription, then clicking the Link Subscription button.

If you cannot link a subscription to your account manually, please contact Customer Support with your Fantasy Grounds account name and at least one of the following pieces of information:

  • The Order # of the subscription

  • Transaction ID# of the purchase

  • The email address associated with the PayPal account used at checkout

Link: Customer Support portal

Can I set up multiple subscription accounts with the same Paypal account?

Yes, you can have multiple accounts.

  1. Start a new subscription regularly for the 1st account

  2. Start a 2nd subscription in the same way to have it associated with the same user account at

  3. From here, you can gift the 2nd subscription to another user account from the Store > Order History page. You must gift the subscription within 7 days of purchase.

My subscription was cancelled, but I didn’t cancel it. What happened?

Usually, when this happens, it is because the primary source of payment, a credit or debit card, has expired or the number has changed. This can also happen if you use a bank account and the funds were not available.

Since the associated license was cancelled and the subscription was not charged, simply update the payment information in your Paypal account, or use updated payment information when checking out as Guest.

Do subscriptions accumulate towards a one-time license?

No. They don’t accumulate towards a discounted purchase of a 1-time license and they don’t qualify for upgrades to the next tier of license (i.e. Standard to Ultimate).

If I own the an FGU Standard license, how do I upgrade to an FGU Ultimate license?

To upgrade and receive any discounts that may apply, open Fantasy Grounds Unity and click on the UPGRADE button in the lower-left corner. This will take you to our Store, calculate any available discounts, and you should be ready for checkout with the FGU Ultimate license.

Note: Make sure you are logged into the website with the username of the Fantasy Grounds account that has the FGU Standard license. If the website cannot verify the Standard license, it will not be able to apply the discount.

Can I use the same license key on multiple computers?

Yes. You can’t share the license with multiple users, but you can install it on multiple devices you own and operate as long as you will only be using one of those at a time. There are restrictions which will prevent the two systems from connecting with one another.

If I purchased a one-time license from the Fantasy Grounds Store, can I use it in Steam also?

Yes. To activate your one-time Fantasy Grounds Unity license key in Steam, get your license key from your Order History as shown above, then open Steam and do the following:

  • Click on Games in the menu in the upper-left of the application

  • Click on Activate a Product on Steam…

  • Follow the prompts to get to the field where you will activate your Fantasy Grounds Unity license key.



  • From there, it will let you know that it is activated and whether or not you already own the product for the key you are activating (Fantasy Grounds Unity).

  • Once the key is entered, you might be taken to a product installation page.

I Just bought a Fantasy Grounds Unity one-time license. Can I add it to Steam right away?

Unfortunately, no. Fantasy Grounds license keys are manually exported and sent to Valve (makers of Steam) in batches about every 4 to 6 weeks. They are then manually entered into Steam by a Valve team member at which point it will become available to be activated in Steam.

For more information about when license key batched are sent to Valve, please see the following Steam Discussion Thread.

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