Account F.A.Q.

Fantasy Grounds account usernames are case-sensitive. Be sure to enter your username into Fantasy Grounds exactly as it appears in the forums.
ie. DragonSlayer is not the same as dragonslayer.

Can I have more than one Fantasy Grounds account?

Yes. You can have as many accounts as you need. Please be aware that accounts cannot share an email address, and all purchases will be associated with the account that uses the same email address used by PayPal at the time of purchase.

Can I change my username on the forums / account name?

Yes, however you cannot do this via the forum settings as you might an email address or password. Please contact us via Customer Support and we would be happy to help.

How do I change my account password?

Log into the forums at You should see the screen below.

  1. Click on your username in the upper-right corner

  2. On the dropdown menu, click PROFILE (not MY PROFILE) as indicated below

  3. Click the Edit Email & Password link in the menu on the left side

Change your password or email address as instructed in the screen below:

Can I gift someone an item from my account to theirs?

Yes. In order to gift a purchase to someone, you can follow these steps:

  1. Complete the purchase under your user account

  2. Go to your Store > Order History page and click the Gift Order button next to an order that qualifies

  3. Enter a valid username and click Confirm Gift

An email will be sent to the gift recipient letting them know that you sent them a gift. The order will disappear from your account and will be transferred to the new user.

NOTE: ALL of the items on a single order will be gifted. If you are also ordering items for someone other than the gift recipient or for yourself, you’ll want to do that on a separate order than the one you will be gifting.

Some qualifications:

  1. Orders must be 7 days old or newer to qualify as a gift

  2. Gifting will only work once for any given order. Once gifted, it can't be gifted again.

Occasionally, some items may state that they are unavailable to be gifted due to being “bundles items”. If this occurs, but you didn’t purchase a bundle, please Contact Support with the Order # and the FG username of the intended recipient, and they will assist you with gifting the item.
Support Portal:

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