Printing Out a Custom User Manual

Our wiki has the capability to create a custom PDF export for only what you are interested in reading.

Don’t Print Everything

Printing the entire Customer Portal will create a file that is around 300+ pages or more. It will cover every single ruleset that we have documented as well as the developer guide, all troubleshooting guides, all How-To’s, video file placeholders (which are unnecessary in a PDF), break animated GIFs and more. Our rulesets change regularly, so any printed content will become out of date over time. Exporting smaller sections is probably the best solution.

NOTE: The time it will take to convert and export the PDF will vary depending on how much you choose to export. If you are converting everything, it could be upwards of 15 minutes or more and may appear to have stalled while converting HTML to PDF. It is still running and should complete with a download link to the file.

Step 1: Choose Custom for your Export PDF Options

Click Export to PDF

  • Click the box to put a check in the “Include Page Numbers” box

  • Click “Custom Export” to choose which pages you’d like converted into a downloadable PDF file

Step 2: Choose which content you want to include in your Export.

Once you click “Custom Export”, you will be presented with the entire contents of the Fantasy Grounds Customer Portal.

Selecting “Basic Guides” from the list will give you everything you need to use Fantasy Grounds Unity. You are welcome to include other sections, such as individual rulesets, How-To’s or others, but be aware that this will increase the PDF size and the time it takes to convert significantly.

We also recommend unselecting pages like Dice Pack Gallery, Dice Videos, Basic Guide Videos and similar as the exported PDF will not contain videos and will flatten animated GIFs to be flat images.


Step 3: Export

Step 4: Wait for PDF to be Created

Step 5: Choose where to Save your PDF

Click on the Download here link.