Settings and Updating

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In this section, we’ll go over all of the tabs and functions in the Fantasy Grounds Unity settings and illustrate what they do and how to use them. Additionally, we will also cover the Updater and what to expect when updating.

How To Access Fantasy Grounds Unity Settings

The Settings button is located in the navigation bar on the left side of the Fantasy Grounds Unity main screen.

Click the Settings button will close the main Fantasy Grounds Unity window and open the Settings and Updates panel.

Once there, you will find a screen with four tabs along the top:

Settings - Basic Tab

The Basic tab is where you will enter your license key, username, password and adjust the scale of the user interface with the slider at the top. You can also create a Fantasy Grounds user account here if you do not already have one.


Settings - Account Tab

On the Account tab, you will be able to link your Steam and Paizo accounts with your Fantasy Grounds account so that any purchases on these sights will be recognized by Fantasy Grounds. This will allow for downloading Steam DLC purchased there into Fantasy Grounds or linking Paizo purchased .PDFs (which may be eligible for discounts) from the Fantasy Grounds Store.


Settings - Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab is where you will find the locations of the App and Data directories as well as the Build Channel that Fantasy Grounds is currently using. These will be discussed in greater detail in this section.


Settings - Troubleshoot Tab

The Troubleshoot tab is where you can find special tool to help with unexpected issues you may experience with Fantasy Grounds or the Update Cycle. In this section, you will find tools for gathering logs, forcing an app update, clearing settings, initiating and walking through the Setup cycle again, or clearing the Vault where downloaded modules are stored.


Uninstall Fantasy Grounds

In the bottom-left corner of the Settings window, you will find the Uninstall button. This will initiate the uninstallation process.

This process differs by operating system. Please follow the link below for assistance in uninstalling on supported operating systems.


How To Update Fantasy Grounds, Products, and FG Forge Items

The Updater (or FGUpdaterEngine as the application is named) checks for updates such as new versions of program files, modules, themes, tile packs, etc. The Updater will also check to see if anything you’ve purchased (either free or paid) from the FG Forge has been updated and will include them in the update.

NOTE: If extensions, themes, modules, maps, or other items were downloaded from third-party sources other than directly from SmiteWorks Store, Steam (if your Steam account is linked), or FG Forge, the Updater will not automatically update them.

Fantasy Grounds checks to see if updates are available to install every time it is launched.

Option 1: Check For Updates

When updates are available to be downloaded and installed, the Check For Updates button, located in the lower-left of the main window, will have a red border.

To download and install updates, simply click the Check For Updates button. Fantasy Grounds will then launch the Updater, download and install any available updates, and return you to the main Fantasy Grounds screen.

Option 2: The Update Button from Settings

The Updater can also be reached from the Settings windows discussed earlier in this article.

From within the Settings window, click the Save button if other settings have been changed on other tabs, or the Cancel button to exit the Settings window without saving changes, then click the Update button at the bottom of the Updater window.

Video Tutorials

In this series of videos, Stoehovve goes into much more detail about the application settings features for Fantasy Grounds Unity.
Videos are hosted by Stoehovve.

In this playlist, I explain the Fantasy Grounds Unity application settings. I go into quite a bit of detail to help explain how each Fantasy Grounds Unity setting works, and what its effects will be.

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