Installing Fantasy Grounds Unity

System Requirements

Please check the System Requirements if you are uncertain whether you can run Fantasy Grounds Unity:

Windows PC Users

Note for Fantasy Grounds Classic Users
These instructions are for Fantasy Grounds Unity. For the current version of Fantasy Grounds (Classic), please refer to the older wiki:

Download the Software

Download Fantasy Grounds Unity for Windows

Install the Software

  1. Run FGUWebInstall.exe

  2. Choose a path where the program will be installed. This is the path of the program files. The data files will be set to a different location.

    NOTE: While you are free to choose the location to which Fantasy Grounds installs, please make sure it has its own \Fantasy Grounds\ folder to hold its installed application files. Upon uninstall, this folder and everything in it will also be removed. We do not recommend using common shared spaces such as Desktop or My Documents for installation locations.


  3. Choose a path where your data files will be stored. This will require the most storage space.


  4. Complete the installation and then allow the installer to launch the updater.


  5. Adjust your Settings to enter your username & password and your FGU license key. If you don’t yet have an account, you can click the button to Create Account. Your Fantasy Grounds forum account is what you use to log in.

    NOTE: Fantasy Grounds account usernames are case-sensitive. Be sure to enter your username into Fantasy Grounds exactly as it appears in the forums.
    ie. DragonSlayer is not the same as dragonslayer.


  6. Click Save and then Update to run the latest update. The Updater will install the latest version of Fantasy Grounds, included modules and any purchased products you have from Steam or from the Fantasy Grounds website.

Choosing a Location for your Data Directory
Fantasy Grounds Classic (FGC) users will want to pick a different path for Fantasy Grounds Unity (FGU). While FGU will be able to read and use FGC files, this does not work the other direction. Changes made in FGU may break these files for FGC. For this reason, we highly recommend keeping two separate paths and storing these separately from each other.

Windows Users

Mac Users

Linux Users

Connecting with External Applications and Services