FG Forge - Manage Item

The Forge is still under active development. Items shown in the following documentation may be recently outdated or differ slightly from current feature sets.

Documentation for The Forge is currently in development. Thank you for your patience.

To manage an item, you will click on the item you wish to manage from the Items tab in the Manage Craft section of the Forge.

Manage Item

This will take you to the Mange Item screen for that item as shown in the example below.

Here you have the options to Manage Builds, Upload Builds, Manage Item, Upload Images or alter Royalty Recipients, each on their own tab.

Manage Builds

The Build Management section allows you to tend to the Install Location and which Channel the item will use.

Install Location

This dropdown field is used to denote which directory the item will be downloaded to on the user’s computer: Data or Vault

Build Number
This denotes how many iterations of the item have been uploaded.

Build Date
The date upon which the item was uploaded.

Install Location
The location to which the item will install as denoted in the Install Location dropdown selected above.

This denotes whether the item has been checked and is available to the public. If available, there will be a checkmark ( ).

This dropdown field is used to denote which Channel the item will be installed to:
Live, Test or No Channel

Upload Build

To upload a build, you can click in the box or drag-and-drop items to be queued for upload. Be sure to the click Submit Build button when you’ve added all items for the current build.

Note: Builds must be a valid Fantasy Grounds package (.mod, .ext, .pak, .ppk, .tpk, .ipk) and may only contain allowed file types (.xml, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .lua, .txt, .md, .ttf, .otf, .fgf).

Manage Item

The Manage Item tab allows you to alter all the information entered into the +Add Item form previously, such as changing the title, description, price, etc.

Note: While not a requirement, it is a good idea to create a forum thread where people can discuss your item, ask questions, report bugs, or get updated information like bug fixes or major changes.

Manage Images

The Images tab allows you to check on the status of images, as well as deactivate or delete them individually.

Shows a thumbnail of one or more images per row.

This field denoted whether an image has been approved or not.

This field denotes whether this image will be shown as the primary image when displaying the item in the Shop or profile page.

This field shows whether the image is currently being publicly displayed on the item.

Deactivate button
This can be toggled to deactivate or activate an image.

Delete button
This button will delete the image.

Upload Images

Image Upload
To upload one or more images, you can click in the box or drag-and-drop items to be uploaded.

Royalty Recipients

This field shows who will receive royalties from purchases of this item.

This field shows what percent of the total royalties go to which who.

+Add Royalty Recipient

Clicking the +Add Royalty Recipient button brings up a form that, first, shows what your current percentage is, then the following fields allow you to add a recipient and a shared percentage of the previously-shown total.

Be sure to click Save or Cancel to cancel the addition.