Settings - Basic tab

Here we will cover the Basic tab and what different functions it provides. We’ll step through each of the items and explain what their functions are and how to interact with them.

This tutorial assumes that you have completed the initial install and set up of Fantasy Grounds Unity.
If not, you can see the Installing Fantasy Grounds Unity help article for assistance.

1. The Basic tab

This the navigational tab at the top of the window to show all the Basic items. This is also the default tab that is shown when clicking Settings from the Fantasy Grounds Unity main window.

2. FGU Application UI Scale slider

This slider is used to scale the size of the fonts as well as the individual UI elements that FGU makes use of.

It allows a means to increase the visibility of various details so you can see them better which may reduce eye strain and make it more comfortable for you. Conversely, you can reduce the scale to fit more of the UI on smaller screens if need be.

Moving the slider to the right (above 100) will make the UI larger than default and moving it to the left (below 100) will make it smaller than default.

The unit of measure it uses is a percentage value, so 100% would represent a normal scale, where as 125% will increase the UI size by 25% over the normal scale, where as 90% will reduce it by 10%.

This is not the equivalent to changing the screen resolution; for example, from 1920 x 1080, as Fantasy Grounds Unity uses your desktop settings to determine what resolution it will use, regardless of if your using FGU in full screen or window mode.

You can read more about UI Scaling in the help article entitled How To Make The User Interface Larger or Smaller.

3. License Key field

The License Key field is where you will paste or type your purchased license key for Fantasy Grounds Unity.

A license key is only necessary if you wish to host other players. Below are the type of licenses and how to use them:

  • Free / Demo (no license): No license is entered and you cannot host other players.

  • Standard license: You can host an unlimited number of other Standard and Ultimate license-holders

  • Ultimate license: You can host an unlimited number of Free / Demo users as well as Standard and Ultimate license-holders.

The different license messages and what they mean

If you didn’t enter a license key during the initial installation and setup, below the license field will be a message that reads:
Please enter your license key to update Fantasy Grounds.

If you have entered a license key and it is either incorrect (there is a letter/number missing or the entire key wasn’t successfully pasted into the field), the message will read:
Invalid License Key

Fantasy Grounds Classic and Fantasy Grounds Unity license keys are not cross-compatible. If you attempt to use a Fantasy Grounds Classic license key in Fantasy Grounds Unity, you will also get the Invalid License Key message.

If you have multiple keys and need to retrieve the correct one, please see the following article:

If you have successfully pasted or typed a correct and valid license into the License Key field, you will receive the following message:
Valid Standard License for Standard licenses
Valid Ultimate License for Ultimate licenses

For more information about different license keys and upgrading/downgrading licenses, please see the following help article:

4. The Show/Hide “Eye” icon

Click the Show/Hide “Eye” icon to the right of the License Key field will toggle between showing and hiding the license key. This makes it easier to detect errors in typing in a key or checking to see if the correct key was entered.

5. Your Username

Your username is the FG user account name you created, and is the same as your forum username. You will also use it for the FG Forge.

Usernames are case-sensitive and may contain spaces and some special characters.

If you would like to change your FG username, you will need to contact us via Customer Support and we would be happy to help.

If you do not already have an FG user account / username, please see Step 8: Create Account below.

6. Your Password

This is where you will enter the password you chose when creating your FG user account.

For more information about changing your password, please see the following Account F.A.Q. section:

7. Log In

Once you have entered your username and password, click the Log In button. Upon a successful login, you will see the following message in the lower-left corner:
Login Successful!

If your username or password is incorrect, you will receive the following message:
Invalid username or password.

If you leave the username field empty, you will receive the following message:
Username is empty.

If you leave the password field empty, you will receive the following message:
Password is empty.

8. Create Account

If you do not already have a username (FG account), you can click on the Create Account link. This will take you to the Registration page on the Fantasy Grounds Forums where you will choose a username and password. You will step through a 2-step registration process and an activation email will be sent to your email address so that you can confirm your information and activate your new account.

9. The Save button

Any time you make changes within the Basic tab by changing any of the fields or moving the UI Scale slider, you will want to click the Save button at the bottom before moving on to another tab or closing the Settings window. This will ensure that any changes have been saved.