Settings - Advanced tab

Advanced Tab

On the Advanced tab, you will see the locations in which Fantasy Grounds Unity is installed and where the data is being saved. You will also be able to change Build Channels here.

Windows 10/11


Linux (Ubuntu)

1. App Directory

The App Directory is where the main Fantasy Grounds Unity application executable files reside. This directory cannot be changed by uninstalling Fantasy Grounds and reinstalling it.

App Directory - Default File Path Locations

Windows 10/11:
C:\Program Files\SmiteWorks\Fantasy Grounds

/Applications/SmiteWorks/Fantasy Grounds


Note: .smiteworks is a hidden directory denoted by the . at the beginning of the folder name.

The option to change App Directory is only available on the Windows operating system. Due to the underlying file system and file permissions of macOS and Linux, this option is pre-set by the Fantasy Grounds installer and cannot be changed on those OSes.

For more information about setting the App directory during installation, please see the following article:

2. Data Directory

The Data directory is where all created, downloaded and saved data is stored.

Data Directory - Default File Path Locations

Windows 10/11:
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\SmiteWorks\Fantasy Grounds\

/Users/[username]/SmiteWorks/Fantasy Grounds/


Note: .smiteworks is a hidden directory denoted by the . at the beginning of the folder name.

If you choose to change your Data directory after Fantasy Grounds is installed, we recommend backing up campaigns and extensions from the data directory, uninstalling Fantasy Grounds, then reinstalling with the new Data directory location you prefer and copying your campaigns and extensions into the new location.

The file folder on the right side of the Advanced tab window will open a file explorer directly to the location indicated in the Data Directory field.


3. Build Channel

Build channels are primarily used by Developers, beta testers or for internal testing at SmiteWorks.

Prev, Test and Dev channels can contain incomplete or unstable code that is currently in development and may cause corruption to your saved files or crash Fantasy Grounds.

It is NOT recommended that you change the Build Channel from Live unless you are a developer or specifically asked to do so by SmiteWorks Developers or Support Staff.

Channel Types

Live: This is the “stable release” channel where, once fully tested and ready for release, updates are pushed. This is the default channel.

Dev: This is the development channel where builds are currently being developed. This is a live development environment and not meant to be used by the general public.

Test: Similar to the Dev channel, but Fantasy Ground builds are rolled into this channel for testing for specific errors, functionality, or “beta tested” before final release and moved to the Live channel.

Prev: This channel contains the previous version of Fantasy Grounds. The Prev option allows you to essentially rollback to the previously installed version of FGU, and the first time you choose this channel, it can take a very long time for the updater to make a copy of your campaign data, extensions, as well as any installed modules, supplements, rule sets, and graphics packs.

This should only be used if you've run into an issue that you suspect is related to a recent upgrade and you want to roll back to the previous version.