Preparing Encounters and Random Encounters

These instructions walk a GM step-by-step through the process of building an combat Encounter. See screenshot for step-by-step visual.

Thanks to community user, damned, for the write-up and graphic.


  1. Create monsters in NPC list. (or use Library module containing monsters.)

  2. Open Encounters list from button, and create new Encounter record.

  3. Drag NPCs to Encounter window and choose the number of each NPC in this encounter.

  4. Assign tokens to Encounter NPCs from token box. (if not already assigned)

  5. Open map record from Images list.

  6. If grid not set on image, then add a grid. (right click menu option, Layers->Set Grid, then draw box for grid square, use toolbar grid buttons to adjust) (See topic.)

  7. Drag and drop Encounter onto map record. (Hold CTRL while dragging, or enable image shortcuts first by Right click map and choose Layers -> Enable Shortcuts)

  8. Drag and drop Placement tokens from Encounter NPC list onto Map record.

  9. Close Encounter record. (Placement tokens will be removed from map.)

Use During Play

  1. Open the Map and Click the Shortcut Pin (press CTRL if Pins not visible) to open the Encounter record.

  2. Click on Add to Combat Tracker button (lower left of window), or drag and drop Encounter link onto combat tracker. The Encounter NPCs will automatically be added to the combat tracker, and any pre-placed tokens will be placed on the map.

Alternate Use

  • Drag and drop encounter link from Encounters campaign list (available via button in NPCs/Personalities campaign list) onto Combat Tracker window

  • Drag and drop encounter link previously added to a Story record.

Random Encounters

As of Version 3.2 it is now possible to create encounters with a random number of NPCs.

  1. To create a new Random encounter click on the 'Random' button at the top of the Encounters list

  2. Name the encounter as normal and drag in whatever NPCs are to appear in the encounter from either the NPC list or from the resource being used.

  3. In the box which appears to the left of the NPC enter a dice expression or drag and drop dice from the dice pool

  4. Dice expressions can be ndn, ndn+n, ndn-n or ndn+ndn. So 1d6, 2d8+4, 1d10-1 and 1d4 + 1d6 are all supported.

  5. Note that the encounter thus created cannot be used as an encounter itself.

  6. To generate the encounter click on the 'Generate encounter' button at the bottom left of the random encounter template.

  7. This will generate the encounter with the number of NPCs and also calculate the CR and XP of the encounter if this is appropriate.

  8. The Graphic to the right shows an example of a random encounter and the resulting encouter generated from it.

Set the base the Random # on the # of players in your Party Sheet?
It is often helpful to have a fixed set of enemies per player. If you wanted to have 3 goblins for each player in the party, you could use the following syntax: 3*$PC

Note that this requires that you have player characters added to the Party Sheet. If you have 5 players in your campaign, it will automatically add 3 x 5 = 15 goblins to the encounter. If you want a random # to appear for each player, then you can combine this with earlier random syntax. For example, 1d4*$PC would create 1 to 4 for each party member.