Keeping Track of Time with the Campaign Calendar

he calendar is a place for the GM to track the date/time in the campaign, as well as log event information. The campaign calendar is available in the upper right set of campaign tool buttons.

Calendar Window

Initially, the calendar window is empty, and a world calendar type needs to be chosen. First, activate one or more calendar modules by pressing the Modules button, and activating a data module containing calendars. One is provided with FG called "Calendars". Once at least one calendar type has been loaded, just double-click on the calendar type you want to select it.

Once a calendar type has been selected, the calendar window will show the current date/time, the current annual calendar for the specified year, and buttons to access log entries.

Only the GM can edit the calendar and event logs.

  • Set Date: Enter the year to update the annual calendar display (and optional era/epoch tag), click on the desired day in the annual calendar, and press the left arrow button at the top to set as the current day.

  • Set Time: Use the mouse wheel to adjust the hours and minutes. (You may need to hold CTRL key, depending on your option settings.)

  • Add/View Log Entry: Double-click the day on the annual calendar that you want to add an event to; or click once on the day and press the Add/View Log Entry button.

  • All Logs: Display a list of all events in the calendar.

Log Entry

Each log entry consists of record link, a non-modifiable date field, a GM notes field and a Player notes field. Players can not view the GM notes field.