Common Shortcuts & Hotkeys



  • Change the damage or heal value inflicted on a target by right-clicking on the damage in the chat bar, then choose Negate value, Double Value, or Half Value. Then drag the value to the NPC or character.

    • Negate Value will change a positive result into a negative or change a negative result into a positive result.

  • Party Vote: Type /vote [your text] in the chatbox. This will allow your players to vote anonymously.

  • Display hidden rolls to players: Click [Middle mouse button] over the hidden value.


  • The Hotbar located at the bottom of the screen can be used to speed up your gameplay in various ways. You can drag and drop Damage, Healing, Attack Rolls, and spell saves all to the Hotbar.

  • Each space on the Hotbar can be activated by pressing the Function key equivalent to the Hotbar number. For example in the image above, hit the F11 key to use Hotbar 11.


  •  Add Dice to Dice Pool: Right-clicking while dragging dice to the chatbox. This will increase the number of dice every time the right mouse button is clicked.


  • Grab a stack of items: Hold [Shift] while dragging multiples of the same item will grab the whole stack of items from the characters inventory or the party inventory.


2D View

  • Pan image: smooth pan with WASD keys, click-drag middle mouse button, click-drag left mouse button while holding spacebar, with no tokens selected arrow keys pan the view by one-grid size

  • Zoom image: CX keys, or scroll mouse wheel

  • Move selected tokens: Arrow keys

  • Send to back/bring to front: While mouse hovering over a token, press B to send the token to the back or press F to bring the token to the front. Useful for sorting overlapping tokens. (GM Only)

Free Camera 3D

  • Mouse look: Hold spacebar + move mouse, or click-drag middle mouse button

  • Move view: WASD keys, or arrow keys when no tokens are selected

  • Change view elevation: CX keys

  • Rotate view: QE keys

  • Move selected tokens (view relative): Arrow keys

Token View 3D

  • Mouse look: Hold spacebar + move mouse, or click-drag middle mouse button

  • Move view: WASD keys, or arrow keys (move is always applied to the viewing token)

  • Change view elevation: CX keys (this also changes the height of the viewing token)

  • Rotate view: QE keys

  • Cycle viewing token: <> keys

Holding the shift key multiplies keyboard movement.


  • Hold the [Spacebar] + double-click on an image to create a ping.

  • As the GM, hold [Shift] + ping will move the players' views to the ping location.

Quickly Draw Shapes

  • Arrow: Hold [Both mouse buttons] to quickly draw an arrow on the map.

  • Box: Hold [Shift] + [Both mouse buttons] to draw a box on the map.

  • Circle: Hold [CTRL] +[Both mouse buttons] to draw a circle on the map.

  • Cone: Hold [Alt] + [Both mouse buttons] to draw a box on the map.

  • Remove Shape: Click [Both mouse buttons] and release them to remove the shape you just created.

  • Move a token through a line of sight (LOS) wall: Hold the Shift key while dragging the token.

  • Show the map your token is currently on: Double click on your character’s portrait on the character sheet or the portrait in the combat tracker.

  • Place all players on the map: Drag the green icon on the combat tracker to the map to place all friendly tokens from the combat tracker to the map. Dragging the yellow icon to the map will drag all Neutral tokens and the red icon will bring all enemy tokens to the map.

    • The location of the Green, Yellow, and Red icons on the combat tracker will vary based on the ruleset.