Getting Started - Activating Modules

Activate Modules

BRP comes with the basic rulebook for the system. There are also numerous other modules available from the store. When you first create a BRP campaign, no content will be visible. You can determine which content is included in your campaign automatically by activating modules.

Step 1: Click on the Mods button

Step 2: Scroll Up or Down to locate the modules you want to activate and then double-click on the stacked books icon to Load them. In the example below, I have loaded BRP Game System X, BRP Gamemaster Guide, Basic Creatures and Basic Magic. Note that the Green checkmark indicates that players can also activate and use the modules on their end. The Red X indicates that only the GM can activate and use this module.

The Yellow lightning bolt indicates that this should be force loaded to your players.

Step 3: Click on the Library Icon

Step 4: Access content in your Library window

BRP is an older ruleset on Fantasy Grounds and it still uses some of the older methods for window management.

  • Hold CTRL and click-drag within a window to resize it.

  • Scroll with a mouse-wheel or middle-mouse button and drag. If you don’t have a 3-button mouse or one with a mouse-wheel, you can use the click & drag on the scroll widget at the bottom right of windows.