Starfinder - Party Starship Roles and Starship Combat

Create your PC Ship from the PC ship sidebar button.

Once the ship is completed and ready, you then drag the link from the list of available PC Ships to the Party Sheet - Ships tab.

This will now make it available for PCs to be added to roles on the ship.

Once assigned, the last tab on the character sheet will show what ships that character is assigned to. Select the actions button to display the available actions for that role on that ship. There are two frames, the actions and weapons. They can click on the roll button to roll for the action they are wishing to roll or in the case of weapon attacks choose the weapon and then click the roll.

The ship combat tracker can be accessed by clicking the ship icon in the combat tracker. This will allow you to drag Starships (NPC ships) and PC Ships to keep track during combat. Same for player's as well.

NPC ships will have their attacks and crew actions in the combat tracker for easy availability for dice rolling and performing combat.

The players will do their combat and actions from their character sheet.

If you are taking actions for NPC members of the crew, you will need to make PC records for them to be added to the ship. But for ease you can open the PC ship and perform their actions from there.

Combat will require the DM/GM to apply damage to the correct arc the ship is receiving the damage. This will show on the ship on the combat tracker for you to apply. Use the cycler to the arc the damage is being received and then click apply.

Ship modifiers, and crit damage is also tracked automatically, but can be removed by the DM/GM on the defense toggle on the ship combat tracker.

From here the rest will be normal actions you would normally take with actors from the regular combat tracker such as drag n dropping attacks and damage.